Tantric Massage

Benefits of Tantric Massage

Stress Release!

General massage in itself is great for getting rid of physical muscular tension, improving blood flow, our busy mind is quietened  set free during the massage and often clients will experience dream like feelings of relaxation, Endorphin’s will also be naturally released, these chemicals help to dissolve the negative stress hormones, gives you inner peace and the ability to balance your energy to create complete harmony within aiding healing to take place. Our tantric massage in Ajman is a service that you cannot resist

Sensual & Erotic Arousal

Sensual touch will heighten sensitivity, awareness, sexual responses & also creativity. Inviting energy for a more meaningful, intimate relationship. We explore together how sensual and erotic massages, can enhance both ladies and gentlemen. This will also include how to arouse your lover in a tantric way through touch.

Ejaculatory Control

Do you have problems with ejaculatory control ? want to know how to enjoy much  more longer sensual and erotic foreplay?  we teach you how to have orgasmic experiences without losing your energy  not even having a physical orgasm unless you actually want one! we will show you how your inner power within, through tantric breathing, plus more secret techniques can be delayed for as long as possible!

Body to Body Massage

A fully nude body to body can be included,this is a new modern addition, optional, so both you and your chosen masseuse are both naked, she uses all her body to slide and you receive this wonderful experience, it is one of the very best to try out of all the treatments, as the intimacy is doubled done on a bed, or mattress,  Other options mutual or reverse massage or even for those that like the G-spot or prostate massage this is also an added option.


Reduction of blood pressure

Massage by its natural relaxation helps to lower blood pressure and alleviate this life threatening condition. Through careful use of a diet, low in saturated fat, and cutting down on stress helps to reduce blood pressure, also avoiding smoking cigarettes altogether, all clinically proven to help.

Increase of  Passion and Sex Drive

It increases your sexual drive and your hormones, as it stimulates the full body sensory emotions to increase, helpful if your under stress, tired or just need a boost, it is 100% natural and healthy. A natural health drive also helps to dissolve  anger and frustration.

Decreases Depression and Improve Self Esteem

If you increase your staying power as a man it can help increase your confidence, stimulates naturally sexual drive and libido, therefore stagnant energy is removed, energy uplifted!

Improves Sleep

Are you lacking sleep ?Many don’t sleep long enough or just find it difficult to let go, too many thoughts and worries. Its knowing when to let go! easier said than done, but massage is top priority as it helps to naturally get us in a meditative way,  and always very helpful, as it delivers pure relaxation! the mind and body both receive that inner peace and inner sanctuary we all crave and need for health.

A better lover

After tantric ejaculatory control and various tantric ways we teach here at Joy’s massage, we encourage naturally that as a lover, you will be equipped to  expand your knowledge and orgasmic potency, to prolong your sexual drive and ability to delay orgasms, means sharing tantric intimacy is supreme. Check our in-calls page for a variety of  sessions including how to massage the masseuse or delayed lingam. Come and enjoy our tantric massage in Ajman.

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