Little things matter

We often dream of great deeds that will make our name known throughout the world.We desire to make a big difference in the lives of others. We want to accomplish heroic tasks to prove our worth, and to be a witness that we have lived meaningful lives.

Many times however, it is the little things that can make a big difference. It is the simple lives that can truly count. And it is the small deeds done with great love that can change the world.

In truth, we avoid the little things because it is the little things that we fear. We know that it is the small things that are concrete and real in our daily lives. And it is the small sacrifices we make that can truly hurt.

To forego small offences and forgive a hurting word, to give courtesy and respect where it is rare, to give attention to someone who is speaking, to do a tedious chore no one else wants to do, to wake up early so you can pray, to not brag about your accomplishment, to not spread false reports, to keep silent when there is nothing good to be said. These are small things, but may we have the courage to do them and thereby live heroic lives everyday.

Masseur doing massage on man body in the spa salon. Beauty treatment concept.

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